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3 we have school cllsings to tell you about this morning. ásomeá summer programs in baltimore city.. ballimore county... are canceled. canceled.we haae posted a link schools on our website foxbaltimore dot com slash anne arunddl and programs are canceled. thh governor tweeted that phere is liberal leave for all non-essential state employees 3 3 mapfiber belairmap 3 the recovery continues.... affee frrday's deadly storms. today without power... and up - unsure how mucc longer they'll havv to wait. the latest numbers....and the effect thhs storm is having on our area.good morniig, tom. 3good morning, megan and patriie.. friday'' massive storms still have more than a quarter of a million b-g-e customers without power.'s a look at the latest numbers.accorddng too b-g-e's website... total... anne arundel county... baltimore city... bbltimore county... carroll county... howard county... harffrd county... joel d. smith is streaming now in northeast baltimore with the atest on the cleanuu and how much longgr so many will be in the dark and in the heat. &pgood
closings to tell you bout this morning. some summer proorams in baltimore city.. baltimore ccunty... are canceled. to the link to the full list k - oo affected schools on our website foxbaltimore doo com slash anne arundel and howard county all summer programs are canceled. &p3 3 map bellirfibermap 3 the recovery continuess friday's massive storms still have mmre than a quarter of a million b-g-e customers without power.'s a look at the patest numbers.according to b-g-e's website... total... anne arundel county... 3 anne arunnel cuntt... baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... county... joel d. smith is streaming now in norrheast baltimore with the latest on the cleanup and how much longer so many will be in the dark and in the heat. good morning joee d. (ad lib) schools, businesses, traffic lights.... yyu name it, so many are still you name it,,so traffic lights.... businesses, schools, businesses, traffic lights.... you nameeitt so many are still feeling the results of those 3 nasty storms, and take the rest of the week to restore pow
... stepping up... enforcement movie theaters...///. baltimore... city... and county police... say... people... will see more officers... patrolling... around... malls and movie... theate/ theaters...// keith daniels,... live... in north baltimore.../ where... some... moviegoers... are... cautious.. keith. keith. we're live at the ááááááááá where officers.. etc..... baltimore city police taking action..... they say the propensity for a copy-cat crime is high when there's a high ppofile incident..... and tonight, police say they want to be prepared. /////////////////vo///////////// police say they have no information that suggests that an attack like what we saw in colorado would happen here.... .....but still tonight, the department is boosting patrols as a precautionary measure. reaction, after such a public, tragic, deadly shooting. as the investigation moves forward, violence experts, including foomer secret service agent dan bongino now a candidate for congress, try to answer the burning question about th
problems continue toobe baltimore county, baltimore city... aad anne arundel county...crews have restored power to more 3 joining us now on the phone once again, is b-g-e ssokesman, rob much prrgress as your aking.... thoss last few thousand longest.... because you're getting to the tough part now. we sure hope we ddn't get more storms possibility.if ttat - happens.... that could slow more outagess areas... continues to be north e baltimoredaas after the chinquapii parkway are dealing with a majjr mess.fallen trees sttil sitting on houses.... cars crushed by branches. neighbors say they've tried o remove the ddbris thhmselves... but some limbs phey can do is wait for the city to ressond. here, and ttat wasthe day ugh pfter, whhch was saturday andd havent seen nobody since." //butt to//"where the help at, where the help at, its been five days. days. the same street is still without power... and neighbors say they're worried about some of theeolder residents wwo dont have air cooditioning. there's still a lot of repair work to be done in baltimore city...pauu gessler shows us w
, the baltimore grand prix is slated to racee through city streets..... it not only shuts down shuts off sales.... organizers of last years race lost millions of dollars....and left many bills un-paid. this year....theee's a new set of invessorssand nascar's michael it. (mayor) "i don't e - thinkkanybody can bb frustrated about andretti motor sports being eight weeks to go, the new organizers are already predicting this race will lose money. but with a five turn a profit next year. t (17736:44) "you're not going pt gee it right the first time out." (17:54:18) "i think in order tooestablish certain reddntials as a city,, you haae to do it a few times even if you loseemoney." (18:20:50) "hh's awfully luckyyhe can lose money this yearr ttey don't care about last year and have never recouped from laat year.. in federal hill, they've gained a race....and lostta business. ( 3 organizers aren't saying how many tickets arr sold ffr ttis planning to unleash a marketing campaign next weekk...and insist ticket &psales are on target with
sunset...//. the... search... resumes tom'w. 3 baltimore city police...need your help... fighting back.../ investigating... a ...triple shooting... this morning... in... north baltimore... that... left... one person dead. police say... two suspects ... entered... a home... near lothian... and... turnbridge road.../ the... suspects... then shot... three people... inside the home..../ a,... male victim... was shot in the head.../ he... later died..../ no... word ...on the condition... of... the other... two victims.... .or... the whereabouts of the suspects. baltimore police... arrest ...32- year- old... eras-mo... sandobal... and... 30- year- old... alberto ramos...//for... a shooting... at... a... southeast baltimore bar...//.it... happened saturday ... at... the "rancho blanco".... on... south fagley street.../.police... say... the 2... entered the bar.. / then... shot the victim...//. one... man... was detained... in... the bar.../ the... other ... ran away..../ th
... from... new york city... to... the... baltimore - washington area.../ when... the... a/c... seemed... to... stop working.../. crime... crime... and justice... reporter... joy lepola explains.../first on fox.../ as... temperatures... rose.../ so... did temper. tempers. ((pkg)) it all started after midnight on this bus headed from new york. nat pop some passengers recorded the ordeal on their cell phone. the trouble began... after a passenger asked if the air conditioning was broken.15:20 i was getting hot and sweaty other customers were taking there and fanning themselves after the driver was approached.... tempers flared. (corrina) 17:52 she was going down 95 and she was like ruur and it's a double decker. ford who underwent spinal surgery was jolted along with everyone else.(corrina) 17:37 i'm just sitting there going wow this is really crazy this is my first trip to manhattan never drove a bus there i always drove myself for reason's like this. it was the beginning of a long trip home. after getting back on 95.... the bus pulled over again
up... enforcement movie theaters...///. baltimore... city... and county police... say... people... will see more officers... patrolling... malls and movie... theaters...// theaters...// keith daniels live in north baltimore where some moviegoers are cautious.. keith 3 3 jeff... we're live at the rotunda on 41st street.. where that same "batman" movie that was tragically interrupted in colorado... is now showing. ........and tonight, police say if there's trouble.. they are prepared. prepared. at movie theaters across the country, where hollywood often imitates life.. there's word of a real life tragedy. (woman) "i think that was a random act of madness.." at the landmark theater in downtown baltimore, reacting to that deadly shooting at a theater in colorado.(woman) "you go to a movie and you don't make it home. it's just tragic." baltimore city police ave posted an officer outside the landmark. the department says there's no information that suggests that an attack like what we saw in colorado would happen here....
. baltimore city fire chief james clack says he's considering donating hiss recent pay hike to charity. ggven to clack y the mayor... has come under fire for it's bad timing.the city is in the process oo closing fire companies... and raising health insurance remiums for fire fighters.clack says he baltimore fire foundation... - if fire fighters are not given the same increase in pay in their next contract.the mayor has defended the raisee.. &pciting a steep decrease in city fire deaths under clack's leaddrship. a altimore city police officer whoostooe groceries from a northeast baltimore grocerr store... as been asked to resign from the police force.investigators say back in marrh... ciara anderson intentionally under-charged her mother... &pdetective darlene early... by about 3-hundred dollars.both offthem pled guilty... and reccived probation before juugment.early was also ordered to re-pay the sttre. an afternoon n the park... takes an unnxpected turn for some msterdam teens. teens.take a ook at what happens... when they're out filming some asual skateboarding. (please bleep out s
that caused this mess is 50 feet underground... and more than 100 years old. rudolph chow, baltimore city public works: 32.08 "our water system and our sanitary sewer system are just as old. so, we do have an infrastructure crisis on our hands."nathan peterson, steve's market pawn shop: 4.02 "it's sad. a lot of businesses around here closed right now because of this sinkhole. we need people to open back up soon. if not, monument street ain't gonna be the same." same." most businesses have decided to remain closed while work resumes out their front doors. back live, though, behind aaliyah's nail salon--they remain open to loyal customers... they're just asking they come in through the back door. reporting live off monument street, paul gessler, fox45 news at five. everything... is back to normal tonight after.. .a... gas leak in locust point. b-g-e... fixed... the rupture... near... hull and how--bert streets.../ after a contractor ...broke the gas main...//. for... safety reasons ... the area... was evacuated yesterday... but residents... were allowed
. >> this is millions of dollars for the state of maryland fork prince george's county and baltimore city. >> reporter: baker wants governor o'malley to call a special session of the legislature in order to expand the number of gaming sites in maryland from five for six and put that new casino at the national harbor in prince george's. >> i feel like progress is being made. >> reporter: but the governor won't call a special session at least until he has agreement from house leaders like speaker michael bush who has said he doesn't think expanded gambling would pass right now. the governor is prying to ease political rivalry among competing counties by creating a new gambling commission which would decide on things like gaming tax rates. >> perhaps now, there is the opportunity for the house leadership to coalesce around their leader and, if so, we could get this done, i think, and in pretty short order. >> reporter: while we can't tell you if or what governor o'malley would call a special session on gambling, what we can tell you is that not everybody is on board with this idea especially the people w
- thousand people waking up baltimore city and county. joel d. smith is live in towson where they're waking p pn the dark again as the next round of storms come in. good morning joel d. 3& patrice, right now, thereeare a handful of newwoutagee to report: bge now says 2 hundred customers aar withoutt power... mostly in the towwon area... that's rough,, bbt nothing compared to the 3/4 of a million knockkd out a week and a half ago, including hhre on cedarcroft road. itttook workers frrm all over the country, and canada, working around the clock in done. the last custooer restored yesterdayyafternoon. the storm was historic in it's mmhem... trees fell on power linns, aad homes on this road. some of the folks we talked with headed to hotels for days, wwile their homes basically boiled. others tried to stick it out, sleeping in the basement....., but quuckly learned it's not just humans having a tough time with 80 or 90 degrees iidoors. 5122 we have two large dogs inside, 70 pounds each. they &pcouldn't get cool for a whole week. they panted 24-7, ha ah aha aha ..
." earlier we told you about the efforts to avoid future overcharges for baltimore city water customers.and we asked in our question of the day if you thought enough was being do. done.scott wrote on facebook..."the city will not turn off the cash cow." cow." and natalie writes... stop taking people's money aad give them a refund. refund. a lot of angry response on this question and most of you don't thnk enough is being done. go... to baltimore dot com.../ . áátelláá us... what you think.../. áásoundáá off... thru facebook.../. áásendáá us... a tweet.../// ááandáá hear... your responses tonight.../ at 11. 3 this isn't little timmy a well... / that's a huge bull..../the complicated process that went into rescuing the animal.. coming up. and later... we speak with with racing legend michael andretti.he'll explain why baltimore will not lose any money on this year's grand prix of baltimore. 3 --adblib weather tz-- an... unusual scene ...tuesday evening california../ . as... a dozen rescue crews... rushed to a well...
any information about this are asked to call baltimore city police. a man who police say sexually assaulted a woman two months ago is now under arrest. arrest.police found ricky bostic along towsontown boulevard last thursday.they say he forced his way into an apartment on versailles circle, which just so happens to be a neighboring apartment building. cpl. kathleen batton, baltimore co. police: 11.43.58 "it's extremely important to get someone like this off the streets. we have three separate crimes. people were home at the time he committed these offenses." offenses."bostic lived in a first floor apartment he's now at baltimore county detention center. a man is behind bars tonight accused in a deadly stabbing in baltimore county. 3 mark brown jr. is charged with first-degree murder after police say he stabbed his acquaintance phillip weatherford.the victim was found inside his car about 2-30 monday morning near pulaski highway and ebenezer road in white marsh. they were traveling southbound on pulaski highway in the victims vehicle when an argument occured, durnig th
the geico app today. supporters of the dream act have teamed up with baltimore city hall to launch a new campa. campaign. mayor stephanie ralwings blake is featured in a new ad that begins airing on t-v- today. today. melinda roeder is live at towson with word on how the mayor could make a difference. difference. 3 3
. prepared. an officer is posted outside the landmark theater in downtown baltimore. baltimore city police say they have no information that suggests that an attack like what we saw in colorado would happen here. but still tonight, the department is boosting patrols as a precautionary measure. they say the propensity for a copy-cat crime is high following a high profile incident. (guglielmi) "we want people to know that there are extra police officers there for their added safety, added security. just want to also inform them that if they see additional resources, it's not because of anything troubling or alarming. it's just simply we want to have extra people around to make sure that they have an enjoyable time at the theater." tonight, the amc movie theater chain is making security changes. the movie giant will no longer allow people to wear costumes or face-covering masks into its theaters. police say the shooting suspect in colorado walked into the theater wearing a gas mask. live in north baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news, late edition. 3 here's... our...
are asked to call baltimore city police immediately... fox45 has teamed up with the most popular crime mapping website on the internet "spotcrime" tracks criminal activity in your neighborhood. you can also get emails when crime happens.sign up by going to our website... fox- baltimore dot com...and click on "spotcrime" in the "hot topics" section at the top of the screen 3 the long off-season is now over, ravens camp is officially open... sports director bruce cunningham joins us now with that tory... story... 3 after a heartbreaking loss in the afc championship game, ravens fans have had to wait six long months for tteir team to be back in action, but that wait is now is the veterans aren't required to be out on the field until thursday, which will of course be the first full squad workout..for now, it's kind of an easing in process before things really start popping later this week...éhead coach john harbaugh is taking a measured approach... our morgan adsit spent the day in owings mills...look for her report coming up at 11:30 on sports unlimited..
thousand of them are n baltimore county... ...and about 20 thousand are in baltimore city.b-g-e as restored power to neerly 690-thousand people who loss power uring the stoom ...and its these last power problems hat may be most difficult to fix. thousands of field aad support forces..... some coming rom as far as quebec... are aggressively working to restore service to those still daak.... karen parks is live at the -g-e staging area where some of those crrws are pust coming in after a long day at work......karen? karen? there are crews here ffom canada....georgia..... flooiiaajust to name a restoring ppwer o the nearly 40 thousand still in the dark... dark.... 3 its truly a team ffort... more than four thousand bge....contract and out off staae ield and support forces will contiiue to work around the clock unttl each and everyy ccews got hhre sunday..... and all describe the restoration to be worker frro mississippi compares it to thh restoratioo efforts afterrhurricane katrina. &p (31:09) in mississippi we had total devvstation of just ab
to a protest outside baltimore city hall. let your next trip to the grocery.. be on us.we're giving away be on the grocery.. let your next trip to the grocery.. be on us. we're giving away 250 dollar giant giftcards.'s our giant summer contest! contest! óóóóóó has 15 minutes to call us at 410-481-4545 and claim their prize.if he/she doesn't call in... we'll draw another name... so stay could still be a winner today! today!want to get your name in the box?just go to our facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... become a fan and complete the entry form to enter.go to our website for complete contest rules. 3 3 3 the search is on right now for an the search is on right now for an armed and dangerous man who kidnapped cal ripken's mother.we've been following this story since the missing person's report came out early yesterday morning. morning.megan gilliland is here with a description of the suspect to look out for. good morning patrice,at this hour... local police... and the fbi... are hunting down the kidnapper. kidnapper. he's believed to
prevention drug for h-i-v and many are wondering what this means for the city of baltimore. dr. patrick chaulk from the baltimore city health department joins us live in studio with more. - what does the approval of truvada mean for hiv treatment in baltimore 3 city? - who is most likely to benefit from using this drug? - are there potential side effects from taking truvada? truvada? for more information on truvada... log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning . coming up... it's the hair-raising video nasa calls... "7 minutes of terror."what it shows... and how the space agency came up with the name. peartbreaker nats nats but next... what nick cannon is saying about his wife... have you calling her a ght - "heartbreaker." you're watching fox 45 morning ews.. all local.. ll morning. excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. but they can be really well thexpensive.ted a puppy, so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there'
, the other in baltimore city and and i the health department is warning of symptoms of heatstroke, no longer sweating and despite being hot. >> i'm already beginning to see signs some humidity is creeping back in. let me briefly show you the highs today. it felt cooler than we felt in quite a while. reagan national hot, no doubt about it, 95 degrees. we weren't talking about heat index values running over that, though. that was okay. dulles 92, so a little cooler in our western suburbs, bwi marshall 94. humidity will run. it looks like it's going to be coming in tomorrow morning and through the day tomorrow when the humidity will be coming back and creeping up, not so bad tomorrow. july 4th looks like it will be fairly muggy, back to what we would expect for july in d.c. temperature has cooled a little, 84 degrees, better for dulles at 78, martinsburg 74, winchester 72, culpeper 75, fredericksburg 79. i just want to show you real quick this is the dew point, higher the number, higher the dew point temperature, the more muggy it is. culpeper is back up to 72, quantico 71. there are some signs
for prince george's county and baltimore city. >> governor owe mamie says he won't call a special session -- o'malley says he won't call a special session until he has an agreement from house leaders they will consider expansion. he is set to meet with the house speaker and general assembly president tomorrow. >>> now a story of hope and determination, it's almost impossible for a laurel man with cerebral palsy to maneuver his motorized wheelchair around the house he shares with his mother. a local church is helping out by raising money for an addition. fox 5's karen gray houston has their story. >> reporter: cerebral palsy is a muscular condition which may slow brent ditman down, but he's not letting it stymie his development. >> i don't look at it as having a disability. i just look at it as making myself more of a regular person. >> reporter: but he's bumping into walls with his wheelchair, has difficulty navigating into the kitchen and bathroom. >> in order for me to access the bathroom, i have to get my chair just right. >> reporter: it's been tough on his mom trying to lift him
confirmed her identity. two fire companies in the city will close today.. due to baltimore's budget deficit.but &pone oo the companies sllted t close.. will be open a little bit longer.thii is video of truck 10 at fire on oberts street in wwst baltimore on wednesday night.the president of the ffreeighters union says occober.10 will not closeeuntil a warning tooay... for &pfamilies planning another barbecue this summer. &psummer. the centers or disease control and prevention spike in emergency room &pvisits... due to people grill brushes.the c-d-c saas injuries raage frommsmalls ut in the neckk.. to more serious conditions... such as intestinal gashes thaa require emergency surggry..o befooe you start flipping burgers... surface for stray bristles. coming up... a daredevil.. takks a big fall. fall.the three thingg that made this death- ddfying tightrope.. nearly mpossibbe to do... aad how he managed to . survivv. you're do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why
and mismanagement in the agency charged with managing public housing in baltimore. the senator received a response which he says does little to end his concerns that the federal government is not holding cities like baltimore accountable. 44:06 "this is a shortcoming of the department of housing on urban development here in washington d.c. they aren't doing their job of oversight to make sure that the tax money's spent wisely" wisely"baltimore housing authority officials say the senator's concerns are baseless. a brush fire leads investigators to a drug operation on the eastern shore. paul gessler spent the afternoon on kent island.paul, what did firefighters find? marijuana plants, jeff... several of them burned up in the brush fire off romancoke road last month.others that were found were destroyed. forestry officials discovered the grow operation during last month's 50- acre brush fire. the fire threatened several homes off romancoke road.a queen anne county sheriff's office spokesperson says the fire and grow- operation don't appear to be related. linda gillis, kent island: "given the odd thin
.he is seeking the declaration for the city of baltimore and calvert, charles, kent, montgomery and saint mary's counties. b-g-e announced today that its seeking rate increases for both electric and gas distribution. company officials say they asked state regulators for the increase help comply with recently enacted state and federally reliability and safety requirements. the rate hike would increase electric bills by seven dollars and twenty-two cents per month.and increase gas by four dollars and sixty-two cents per month. if approved...... rates are expected to go up in february. the company also sought an increase in rates in 20-10. more than... 50 homes... will... weekend.../ after... a... water main break.../ ruptured ... in... the ásameá sinkhole ... that... led... to a... brokee gas line... in... east baltimore. this ... the scene...wednesday.../ when... the city...wass forced to close... 4 blocks... from... east monument... to... milton street .../ the.. sinkhole... also... forced.. several... businesses
with indecent exppsure and drug poosession. the police union in baltimore thinks the city should only hire officers who have college degrees or a baakground. it's just one of several recommendations in a report the f-o-p just released. the 15 page document identtfies sevve areas of weaknesses within the department. union leaders bblieve... better educated recruits .... will help eliminate corruption within the epaatmeet. 14:07:40 listen burnie maddof had a college degree there are people who commit crimes that have degrees specific to the towing incident all the officers that were involved in that didn't haveeanything in their backgrounds :51 ...what the mayor said about the plann..tonight oo the late edition at 11 can'ttdo ii all.we want to ps - &pknow how áyouá are fighting back. against crime?tell us... what you're doing in youu pommunity... tt clean up the streets....//all 410-662-1456. pit bull ownnrs should bb safe from eviccion for the tiie being... inn pite of a recent court uling that labeled the breed as inherently dangerous. dangerous.the attorney general's ffice sayy t
who he may have treated. baltimore's v-a medical center is now offering free testing to any patient who may have been exposed... jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. a city police officer is recovering from a car crash this morning in north baltimore. baltimore.this is the scene about 10-30 this morning on the alameda and 33rd street. you can see the officers patrol car... pretty banged up... the front bumper torn off... and the passengers side dented... the other car.... also had damage to the front end.the officer was taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok... no word on the cause of the crash. baltimore police release neww video of a mob of teens stealing from a downtown convenience store. myranda stephens has more on why the suspects won't face charges. 3 it happened march 23rd. dozens of students pack this downtown 7-eleven store for free slurpee day... but leave out with much more. surveillance video shows some of the teens stealing items from the store... before a wave of them head for the doors! some workers try to stop them - but some of the students attack them! the o
in baltimore. 74 in ocean city. this has been a good summer to be down at the beaches. need any relief you can get. sentinel radar, we are quiet here in the immediate washington area. off to the north and west there, southwest pennsylvania, you're going to have some thunderstorm activity. that is the leading edge of that warmer air that will be moving in here shortly. so, yeah, there could be a few clouds or a little bit of thunderstorm activity if you are well off to the northerly this morning. then we are just generally going to be sunny and hot today but very hot. we have a heat advisory which goes into effect at noon. it will feel like 105 later this afternoon when you mix in the humidity. there could be a few isolated storms later today and anything that gets going in 100-degree heat can be strong. >> thank you. >>> time to toss things over to julie wright and see how things are going on the road. already busy right, with the beer struck. >> with the beer struck. you got that right. folk even hitting mere up on twitter asking what they can do to help with the clean-up. as hot as it's goin
and that is 91 in the city, quantico, 95; baltimore,fully and this is how it looks for the evening and that is cooling down more tonight than last night and there is less humidity overnight and that will make it feel more comfortable and bow tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, the humidity surges in and just enjoy this break from the real humidity. and, again, know that it's around the corner and coming back. laura? >> all right, gary mcgrady, thank you. >>> coming up, firefighters in colorado gaining ground after a wildfire burns hundreds of homes. when residents can survey the damage. >>> and help is called into virginia. a massive wildfire continues to burn in shen anota national park.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less? upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for a year with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contract and get $200 back and a two-year price guarantee. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers america's fastest, most consisten
... if... you... live in the city.../ your... driveway... could be ...worth a lot of money...//.two guys... say... driveways these near federal hill.../ could... make you... some... extra cash..../they're... so sure... they... started... a baltimore company... called... "parking panda"...//. their... business... plan... involves... renting out... people's drivewwys.../ and... giving discounts ...on parking lots. ((miller: "our goal is to be the go to place online for parking like you said how opentable is for dinner reservations or ticketmaster is for concert tickets just like youre booking all those things in advance and they are the go to spot - we want to do the same thing for parking. the company ....estimates... you... can get around... 12- hundred dollars... a year... for... renting your driveway...//. so far .../ there... are over... 25-hundred spots available... in baltimore... and d- c. 3 folks... in... kansas city... will,... now... be surfing the internet... at... lightining speed.../. carrie peirce... r
things do. 82 in washington. 81 in baltimore. 79 in fredericksburg. no doubt about it, even ocean city, 82 degrees. it's warm one. more humidity than yesterday. better chance we'll see late- day storms. some could be on the strong side as we'll have a lot of heat and humidity around here. nothing going on right now. your morning commute will be fine but later today, i think in time for that evening rush hour, we have to be concerned about some storms. 100 in washington, 100 in manassas. 99 in fredericksburg. heat advisory in effect at 11:00. >> thank you. >>> time to say good morning to lauren demarco to so what is going on on the roads. >> we don't have to worry about any storms for the morning rush. things should be wrapping up with construction on the beltway. if you are traveling the american legion bridge, the right of your screen into virginia, you can see the lanes wide open, no delay. we did the construction near gallows road but that is being picked up. 66, no problems heading out off manassas towards centreville, everybody running at speed. 95 looks good through lorton up thr
. over to ocean city, that's in effect. and moderate drought for washington and just up to baltimore, a little portion of montgomery county, and fairfax, and ab normally dry everywhere else. we need the rain and it's not as bad as it is in the middle part of the country. these hot days rob the ground of any moisture we do have. i do have some rain in the forecast and maybe it will be of some benefit, not just tomorrow, but thursday as well. we'll talk about when we can get liquid relief around here. shawn, back up to you. >> mystery solved, sort of. we'll tell you what we learned about the viral picture of a local couple getting engaged on the national mall. turns out, things are not as they seem. also ahead tonight, rg3's new commercial debuts, but when will he officially sign with the redskins? >>> youing a break at the pump, but paying more at the grocery store. a big drop in energy prices kept overall, but food prices, they were rising in june. continuing to put a big pinch on shoppers. and taking some of the fizz out of coke. the world's biggest beverage maker saying higher pri
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in washington. 70 in baltimore. 70 in one chester. so temperatures, if you are in the mountained or down to the ocean, ocean city, 65. not terribly uncomfortable. satellite-radar, we have a couple of showers breaking out into portions of northern virginia and southern maryland. you can see those. that is the leading edge of the more humid air. the higher dew points, the higher humidity will start to move back in. i think you will notice the water in the atmosphere on the increase. there is your high temperatures. mid-90s again today. 95 in washington. 92 in hagerstown. it will be hot. gee, it is. people needing lots of water and a lot of patience on the roads, julie wright. >> still a lot of signals that are dark causing problems. my trip into work, lights are still dark. we are seeing more of them turned back on but, in some cases, even though they have power, they're not syncing correctly. so that becomes another issue. proceed with caution and allow extra time on the road. the hov restrictions have been lifted for those traveling on 66 inside the beltway and on 270. all lanes are open
in baltimore. shattered some temperature records yesterday. i'll show you those coming up in a few minutes. 70 in winchester. 76 in ocean city. lots of humidity. you will notice the dew at&t temperatures. there go your storms and dissipating during the overnight hours. we do have some cloud cover out there. it will be a partly to mostly cloudy day today. i don't think we'll foe thank you the same amount of sunshine as yesterday. some some ways, that is good news. that will hold our temperatures down into the low 90s. today, our high temperatures will top out in the upper 80s and low 90s. 92 in washington. 89 in warrenton. 90 in culpeper. look out for scattered showers and storms after about 3:00 today. >> all right. thank you. >>> right now, let's keep our eyes on the roads with lauren demarco. >> good morning. we do have an accident reported southbound bw parkway. for anyone leaving the baltimore area headed south towards howard county, just prior to route 100, bw parkway shut down the southbound direction right now. we could take a live look at our cameras, 95 in maryland as you travel south
of the baltimore area. that should be most of it. as i put this in motion, maybe you can see some of the severe activity moving up through new york city and north of philadelphia, just a couple maybe some light isolated showers and occasional moderate downpour for those areas, but everything else has been to our north or south, bigger cluster of storms that moved from the charlottesville area through richmond down through hampton road. that's what's going on. tomorrow we have a frontal boundary coming. it could be a little better trigger for more organized showers and thunderstorms primarily in the afternoon. i don't see much in the morning. this will swing through and might find some pretty good energy in the atmosphere. that's what our models suggest. that will come through, might fire up storms in the afternoon. the storm prediction center in normand, oklahoma, says we do need to watch because some could have potentially damaging wins and hey. for wednesday a little cooler -- winds and hail. for wednesday a little cooler as high pressure briefly builds in. tonight a few cloud, a couple light
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